We are a law firm focused on advising corporations in the field of civil and business law and specializing in commercial and corporate as well as construction and real estate law.

Our portfolio of services is tailored to corporate clients and private entrepreneurs in Germany and abroad. In our day-to-day business activities, for and with our clients, we adhere to the highest standards of service quality. We aim to provide our clients with excellent service, the use of the latest technology, and quick turnaround.

Our entrepreneurial approach to client consulting is always outcome-oriented, and we provide a comprehensive range of advisory services that take full account of commercial and technical requirements and client objectives.

Our interdisciplinary competence is an essential aspect of this approach, and is what enables us to provide result-oriented and networked services on the basis of our long-standing and proven partnerships with specialist tax consultants, auditors, restructuring experts, management consultants, and engineers.

If, despite careful counselling beforehand, legal proceedings cannot be avoided, we represent our clients at district and higher regional courts throughout Germany. For legal cases requiring the clarification of a fundamental legal issue, we support our clients in proceedings at federal courts, including representing them at the Federal Constitutional Court.


Dr. Joël B. Münch

Lawyer/Barrister at Law (Germany)

Certified Specialist for
Construction and Architect’s Law
Certified Specialist for
Commercial and Company Law

+49 (0) 30 206 13 73 - 14

Monique Dummer

Commercial Lawyer
Construction and
Real Estate Law

+49 (0) 30 206 13 73 - 22


Thomas Zettl, LL.M.

Commercial Lawyer
Commercial and Company Law

+49 (0) 30 206 13 73 – 24




Jeannette Döhler

Certified Paralegal
[geprüfte Rechtsfachwirtin]

Civil- and Business Law

+49 (0) 30 206 13 73 - 18


Melda Göksu

Civil Litigation, Enforcement and Insolvency Law

+49 (0) 30 206 13 73 - 25




Nicole Münch

Commercial Management Assistant

Accounting, Tax and commercial processing

+49 (0) 30 206 13 73 - 13




Commercial and Corporate Law


    • Establishing and domiciling companies
    • Corporate Due Diligence
    • Legal transaction services (M&A)
    • Compliance
    • Commercial transactions (national/international)
    • Project development and financing
    • Trust solutions
    • Tax Law


Construction and
Real Estate Law

    • Construction-related legal counselling
    • Real estate due diligence
    • Real estate transactions
    • Commercial lease agreements
    • Property management
    • Project development and financing
    • Tax Law


Civil Litigation,
Enforcement and
Insolvency Law

    • Litigation
    • Enforcement proceedings in Germany and abroad
    • Insolvency law


    • Establishing and domiciling the German subsidiary of a Turkish industrial enterprise
    • Establishing and domiciling a non-profit corporation focusing on the quality management of welfare institutions by disabled people for disabled people
    • Sale of the shares of an U.S. shareholder in a german mid-sized enterprise on behalf of its U.S. insolvency administrator
    • Legal counsel for the project financing of an infrastructure project in Turkey by means of closed-end funds in Germany and institutional investors’ bonds (London)
    • Counselling foreign investors in the purchase, financing, leasing and management of properties in Germany
    • Legal counsel to a public awarding authority for a road construction project
    • Legal counsel to a private client during the planning and construction of an office and commercial property
    • Legal counsel to a contractor engaged in the renovation of existing properties
    • Investigation of irregularities in a case of abuses of internal corporate organization and embezzlement of company assets; recovery of embezzled funds from abroad


    • Development of trustee solutions for insolvency insurance of pension plan assets
      • Advising an investor in the recovery of a distressed loan
      • Privatisation of a municipally-owned property administration including the establishment of the respective companies and transferring the property to these companies, restructuring of the administration and management on the basis of management agreements
      • Restructuring of a real estate company under civil law
      • Reorganisation and restructuring of non-profit companies
      • Advising a housing association in the reversal of publicly subsidised renovation projects
      • Determination of ownership structures of telecommunications networks for a telecommunication company and development of measures to secure the ownership or right of use of the networks
      • Restructuring of commercial leases for special properties for the care and support of the handicapped
      • Evaluation of investments in rail infrastructure projects



Professional Publications

    • juris PraxisKommentar zum BGB, 8. Auflage 2017, Band 2.2: Schuldrecht (Teil 2: §§ 433 bis 630h)
      [Practicioner Commentary on the German Civil Code – Volume 2.2: Law of Obligations]

      Complete edition published by: Prof. Dr. Maximilian Herberger, Prof. Dr. iur. Dr. rer. Publ. Dr. h.c. mult. Michael Martinek M.C.J. (New York), Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Helmut Rüßmann, Prof. Dr. Stephan Weth
      Volume 2.2 published by: Prof. Dr. Roland Michael Beckmann
      Commentary on §§ 535 to 548 and §§ 578 to 580a BGB since 1st edition 2003
    • juris PraxisKommentar zum BGB, 8. Auflage 2017, Band 3: Sachenrecht
      [Practicioner Commentary on the German Civil Code – Volume 3: Law of Property]

      Complete edition published by: Prof. Dr. Maximilian Herberger, Prof. Dr. iur. Dr. rer. Publ. Dr. h.c. mult. Michael Martinek M.C.J. (New York), Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Helmut Rüßmann, Prof. Dr. Stephan Weth
      Volume 3 published by: Prof. Dr. iur. Dr. rer. Publ. Dr. h.c. mult. Michael Martinek M.C.J. (New York)
      Commentary on §§ 1018 to 1029 BGB since 1st edition 2003
    • juris PraxisKommentar zum BGB, 8. Auflage 2017, Band 6: Internationales Privatrecht und UN-Kaufrecht
      [Practicioner Commentary on the German Civil Code – Volume 6: Private international law and UN sales law]

      Complete edition published by: Prof. Dr. Maximilian Herberger, Prof. Dr. iur. Dr. rer. Publ. Dr. h.c. mult. Michael Martinek M.C.J. (New York), Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Helmut Rüßmann, Prof. Dr. Stephan Weth
      Volume 6 published by: Prof. Dr. Markus Würdinger
      Commentary on Articles 1 to 13 and Articles 25 to 34 CISG since 7th edition 2014
    • Praktikerhandbuch Vergaberecht
      [Public Procurement Law: A Handbook for Practitioners]

      published by Weihrauch/Meyer-Hofmann, co-author, Otto Schmidt Verlag Köln 2003 Editor for explanations of terms of art in the area of public procurement law
    • Abtretungsverbote im deutschen und französischen Recht
      [Non-Assignability in German and French Law]

      Peter Lang Verlag Frankfurt/Main 2001; published doctoral thesis for the University of the Saarland

Articles and Essays

    • Mieterhöhungen nach Wegfall der Anschlussförderung [Rent Increases after Expiration of Supplementary Subsidies]
      Paritätischer Rundbrief 12/2012
    • Aktueller Fachbeitrag Gesetzliche Insolvenzsicherungspflichten des Arbeitgebers – Treuhandlösungen für Altersteilzeit- und Zeitwertguthaben [Current Information on Statutory Insolvency Insurance Obligations for Employers – Trust Solutions for Partial Retirement
      and Work Time Accounts

      BfS Information 7/10
    • Die Klageänderung in der Berufung [Amendment of Complaints at Appeal]
      MDR 2004, page 781
    • Die Eigentumsverhältnisse an Telekommunikations-Leitungsnetzen [Ownership Structures of Telecommunications Networks]
      VIZ 2004, page 207
    • Gewerberaummietverträge in Frankreich [Commercial Property Lease Agreements in France]
      in cooperation with Stapylton-Smith, Immobilienzeitung of 29 August 2002, page10.
    • Publisher and coauthor of the periodical “Immobilienbrief”
      of the Real Estate Practice Group of Coudert Brothers LLP, 2003 – 2005


    • Legal Aspects on the violation of compliance in companies using the example of the judgement of the Federal Supreme Court (Bundesgerichtshof) in its judgement of 20 November 2014 – Johannes a Lasco Stiftung
      Solidaris Forum „Compliance in non profit organizations“ on 24 February 2016
    • Anmietung und Erwerb von Immobilien durch Sozialunternehmen unter Berücksichtigung der sozialgesetzlichen Einrichtungsträgerfinanzierung [Leasing and acquisition of real estate by social companies in due consideration of the statutory requirements of financing social facilities]
      Lecture at the 3. Eichstätter Fachtagung „Ökonomie & Management der Sozialimmobilie“ on 23./24. April 2015 at the Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt
    • Der Aufsichtsrat in der GmbH – Aktuelle Rechtsprechung [The Supervisory Board in Limited Liability Companies – Recent Jurisprudence]
      Qualification event for the supervisory board of an affiliated company in Berlin, 2013
    • Mietgewährleistungsrecht bei gewerblichen Mietverträgen [Lease Warranty Law in Commercial Lease Agreements]
      In-house training for a company in Berlin, 2012
    • Architektenvertragsrecht [The Law of Architects’ Contracts]
      In-house training for a company in Berlin, 2012
    • Gesetzliche Insolvenzsicherungspflichten des Arbeitgebers – Treuhandlösungen für Altersteilzeit- und Zeitwertguthaben [Statutory Insolvency Insurance Obligations for Employers – Trust Solutions for Partial Retirement and Work Time Accounts]
      Lecture delivered at the Bank für Sozialwirtschaft AG in Berlin on 26 November 2009
    • Erfolgreiche Projektentwicklung [Successful Project Development]
      Seminar with Dr.-Ing. Bernd Bierbrauer of factorP management GmbH, presented as part of the „Meisterhaft“ qualification program of the Saarland Construction Employers’ Association [Arbeitgeberverband der Bauwirtschaft des Saarlandes], Saarbrücken, on 20 January 2006
    • Das neue Recht der russischen Wohnungswirtschaft [The New Laws in the Russian Housing Industry]
      Co-presentation in comparative law with Stanislav Rogojine (Russian attorney) at the German-Russian Renovation Conference of the German Federal Ministry for Transport, Building, and Urban Affairs, the Russian Building Ministry, and the Initiative Wohnungswirtschaft Osteuropa (IWO) e.V., in St. Petersburg on 17 and 18 February 2005
    • Facility Management bei Immobilientransaktionen [Facility Management in Real Estate Transactions]
      Lecture in the practitioners’ series of the Institut für deutsches und internationales Baurecht e.V. [Institute for German and International Construction Law] at the Humboldt University of Berlin, summer semester 2002
    • Grundzüge des Immobilienrechts [Fundamentals of Real Estate Law]
      One-day continuing education event as part of the internal training and continuing education program of Pricewaterhouse Coopers, 2000-2003


Article 3 of the German Constitution [Grundgesetz]

All persons shall be equal before the law.

No person shall be favoured or disfavoured because of sex, parentage, race, language, homeland and origin, faith, or religious or political opinions.
No person shall be disfavoured because of disability.


Article 7 of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights

All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination.


Article 5 of the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities

States Parties recognize that all persons are equal before and under the law and are entitled without any discrimination to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law.

Signatories shall prohibit all discrimination on the basis of disability and guarantee to persons with disabilities equal and effective legal protection against discrimination on all grounds.


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