M&A, transformation, transaction and real estate

M&A Mergers & Acquisition, Due Diligence, Compliance, Restructuring, Legal Advice during Construction, Contract Negotiation, Litigation, start-up advice


Structuring of non-profit organisations in terms of transformation law and company law (spin-off, asset transfer, formation of foundation)

Legal advice to an educational institution accompanying the building / conversion of school buildings

Representation of a supplier in proceedings to enforce claims against an OEM due to termination of the existing supply contracts before the amortisation of the project-specific investments

Representation of a supplier in proceedings to enforce claims arising from an international sale of goods contract (UN Convention on the international Sale of Goods) for production plant

Representation of an institutional organisation in proceedings to enforce claims for performance arising from the running of refugee institutions and reimbursement of investment expenses against the public body responsible for social welfare

Legal advice to a social welfare undertaking accompanying the building of a children’s day care centre

Representation of a housing association in proceedings to enforce claims for damages due to breach of duties of directors and officers

Formation and domiciliation of the German branch of an industrial undertaking from Turkey

Sale of the shares in a US company to a medium-sized company in Germany on behalf of the US insolvency administrator

Legal support for the financing of an infrastructure project in Turkey by means of closed funds in Germany and bonds of institutional investors (London)

Advising foreign investors in the acquisition, financing, letting and management of real properties in Germany

Formation and domiciliation of a social economy undertaking, the purpose of which is the evaluation of the quality of results of institutions by people with disabilities

Legal advice for a public sector client accompanying construction work in the area of expansion of the road traffic system

Legal advice for a private sector client accompanying the planning and construction of an office and commercial building

Legal advice for a building contractor firm for the refurbishment of portfolio properties

Investigation of irregularities in intra-organisational structural abuse and misappropriation of company assets, return of misappropriated assets from abroad

Advising an investor on the repayment of a non-performing loan

Privatisation of a municipal property management body, formation of the companies, transfer of the properties to the companies and restructuring of administration and management on the basis of agency agreements
Restructuring of a property company established under the civil law

Restoration and restructuring of social economy undertakings

Advising a housing association on the unwinding of a publicly-funded modernisation project

Ascertainment of the ownership structure of telecommunications line networks for a telecommunications enterprise and development of measures to safeguard ownership of or in rem entitlement to use the networks
Restructuring of commercial leases for special properties for the care of people with disabilities

Reviewing investments for infrastructure projects in the area of the railway network