Compliance serves to prevent and avert damage to companies. This also includes the clarification of identified compliance violations (‘investigation’) and remedying damage, in particular by asserting claims for damages (‘litigation’).

Typical situations are

  • A co-managing director discovers irregularities in his colleague’s projects after reviewing invoices, to which the latter responds evasively. A more in-depth review leads to further evidence of embezzlement.
  • An employee passes on a disadvantageous property purchase agreement to a member of the supervisory board, which the management board concluded without obtaining the approval of other company bodies as required by the articles of association.
  • The auditor of a foundation comes across a loan granted during the year by the former foundation board that is no longer covered by the purpose of the foundation.
  • A new employee gains the trust of the managing director of a GmbH and receives far-reaching powers of attorney from him, which he exploits to invest money in uneconomical projects that benefit himself.
  • In the accounts department, an employee repeatedly discovers suspicious account transactions that cannot be reconciled with the invoices submitted.

We have the solution for you:

MÜNCH. has more than 20 years of experience in advising small and medium-sized companies on the development and implementation of internal company codes of conduct.

MÜNCH. offers unique expertise in assisting small and medium-sized companies with investigations and litigation following breaches of the law.

MÜNCH. co-operates with numerous experienced network partners in the investigation of compliance violations.

MÜNCH. accompanies and represents you vis-à-vis financial and administrative authorities and law enforcement agencies.

MÜNCH. successfully enforces claims for damages against those responsible for compliance violations.